Soffer Pro x33

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Heavy Duty Adjustable Tie Rods 21A1091

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Adjustable Tie Bars- Classic Mini-One pair. 21A1091

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Spax Adjustable Shocks Front- pair TR3 -TR4

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This is an adjustable Spax front shock Set (2) for a Triumph TR3, TR20 and TR4. You get 28 adjustments that can be made while on the car. Each unit is made to the highest standards of construction and are stout enough for competition use or general street application. Non-corrosive plastic boots top the SPAX shocks. With the screw-type adjuster, a clockwise turn will increase the rebound dampening and counter-clockwise turn has the opposite affect for wear or for the demands of competition. The external adjuster can be accessed while the shocks are on the car.

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RH Axle with outer CV joint for drum brakes GCV1104

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Right side axle with outer CV joint for post 1973 Minis with drum brakes. Qty 1.


Wheel Stud 80mm

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Extra long 80mm wheel stud for use when you need to add a 1" spacer to hubs that already have spacered drums and 55mm studs installed. Qty 1. Wheel stud length not including the head.


Steering Rack LHD - NEW

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New LHD Steering Rack for MK2+ Minis (except SportsPack). Part # FAM7307. Standard ratio. Will fit Mk1 if steering arms are changed.