Soffer Pro x33

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Sliding Window Catch Runner - RH

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For Minis with sliding windows on the front doors, this is the right hand side chrome runner that holds the rubber channel and has holes to lock the window catches. See 24A1304 for the LH side.

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Stainless Steel Bumper Mk2+ Genuine Rover/Heritage - Rear DPB10166

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The current rover bumper-for rear fitment-factory seconds See DPB10165 for front factory seconds-the surface that bolts to the body is not perfect but cannot be seen when fitted-cosmetically they look perfect as per last bumpers run by Rover. This has rolled over ends for safety criical homologation and also allows extra clearance on fitment to the sportspack arches. Made in stainless steel to a chrome like finish it still requires washing and cleaning very regularly owing to the areas where they are fitted. Fitted with fixing bolts but no nuts. We know front and rear were the same but the panel holes are in a slightly different place but with a bit of pushing on the corners will fit either but you could damage your paint work on the valance. These fit the rear much easier. Qty1. Genuine ROVER/Heritage part at a bargain price.


Mk1 Grille Whisker RH

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Left side grille "Whisker" for Mk1 Minis. Part # 14A7782.


Front Sliding Window Upper Channel

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Upper front door sliding window channel for Mk1 and Mk2 and Vans/Pickups with sliding windows. Gets those sticky sliding windows moving smoothly again. Qty 1. Two reqd per vehicle. See part # 24A88 for lower channel kit. Part #14A7167


Left Side Floor Pan - Mini saloons to 1992

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Floor pan repair panel, left side half for Mini saloons to 1992. Four separate panels for Classic Minis. ***Early cars with floor mounted starter switches may require mods to the panel**** Oversize item must ship by UPS.