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Soffer Pro x33

$2999.99 -15% $3700.00 Stock Qty = 2

Rear Subframe Mounting Kit MS43- 1976 & later

$90.00 -15% $103.50 | Stock Qty = 2

Rear subframe mounting kit, no trunnions. Every nut,washer,bolt,rubber bush and 2 pins that hold the rubber bushes that are prone to rusting badly and are required every time you do a subframe change Including the 2 large penny washers this kit has 36 components. Part # MS43. Post 1976 Classic Minis.


Door Skin, RH Mk1/2 -non genuine

$85.54 -15% $98.37 | Stock Qty = 2

Right Hand Door Skin for external hinge sliding window Minis. Non genuine part.

Out of Stock!!!.

Black Gutter Trim

$23.41 -15% $26.92 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

Black Gutter Trim for Classic Mini's

Out of Stock!!!.

LED Rear Spoiler - Clearance

$185.95 -15% $213.84 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

Classic Mini Rear Spoiler with LED brake lamp. Fiberglass, supplied unpainted. This one is discounted due to a crack on the lower seam from shipping, a very easy fix when the spoiler is installed. Clearance items are sold "as-is", no returns.


Wheel Arch/Shock Tower Repair Left or Right

$36.72 -15% $42.23 | Stock Qty = 1

Repair panel for the center of the rear wheel arch and rear shock upper mount on Mini saloons/sedans. Fits left or right side.