Soffer Pro x33

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Bonnet (hood) Mk3+ to 1996- Scratch & Dent

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Scratch & Dent---Bonnet/Hood will fit all models and has the lip for mounting of the upper grille moulding as per Mk2+ models. This hood has hinge mounting points for both early and late style hinges so can be used on all models prior to Twin Point. This item is considered oversize for shipping. THIS ONE HAS A VERY MINOR BIT OF DAMAGE ON THE RIGHT REAR CORNER JOINT FROM BEING DROPPED DURING SHIPPING>THE UPPER SURFACE APPEARS FINE & IT IS EASILY REPAIRABLE. SOLD "AS IS" AT A HUGE SAVINGS>

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Complete Wheel Arch/Shock Tower Repair - Right Side

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Repair panel for the wheel arch and rear shock upper mount on Mini saloons/sedans. Right side.

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Boot/Trunk LH side repair panel - MS24L

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These small repair panels (MS24L for left, MS24R for right) are for the Mini boot floor area around the shock towers. MS24L


Bonnet / Hood Hinge Kit -RetroSport billet alloy - 1970-1981 (not Clubman)

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RetroSport billet alloy - (pair) - 1970 to 1981 (not Clubman)
 Includes 2 billet alloy hinges.  Silver, Blue, Red or Black. Special order item, allow 14 to 21 days for delivery.


Left Inner Hinge Panel for External Hinge Minis

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Left side reinforced inner hinge panel for Minis with external door hinges, including Mk1's, Mk2's, Vans and Pickups. This is the supporting stiffener piece for the door hinges. An outer panel is also required. Qty 1.