Soffer Pro x33

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Brake Fluid Bulkhead Guard Plate

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This is one of those products that should have come along a long time ago. Every pre injected Mini owner worries about spilling hydraulic fluid while refilling the brake and clutch master on the bulkhead. With the hood in the way and the original bean can style master, this operation can be down right scary. This stainless steel plate with run stop edges goes between your masters and your body and gives you that added protection from spills you have always wanted. If your bulkhead is already missing some paint in this area this may be just the trick to save you from a re-spray in a place that is likely to get damaged again. SRP0101

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RH Inner wing, door jamb -Internal hinge Minis

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Inner wing/door jamb with air vent hole for internal hinge Minis. Right side.


Wipac S5400 Headlamp Bucket with Chrome Ring

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Genuine no rust Wipac Plastic Headlamp Bucket with lamp retaining rim and rubber body seal for 7" headlamps PLUS Genuine Wipac high quality Chrome headlamp ring/bezel. Qty 1. Fits most British cars; Mini, MG, Triumph, Jaguar, Hillman, Austin Healey, Ford, Sunbeam, AC Cobra, kit cars etc.


Group 2 Std Wheel Arch Kit

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Set of 4 Group 2 standard black fiberglass wheel arches. About 2.25" at the widest upper point, 3" at lowest point. With lip for side trim.

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Bonnet (hood) Mk3+ to 1996

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British Heritage produced as original equipment, this Bonnet/Hood will fit all models beginning with the MK3 and prior to the Twin Point models. It is distinguished from the early models by the hinge location 1.25" from the edge and the lip for mounting of the upper grille moulding. This item is considered oversize for shipping.