Soffer Pro x33

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Mini bonnet badge CZH1305 -Used

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Used Bonnet / Hood badge CZH1305 in fair condition, all mounting pins intact and the chrome is in excellent condition. We have new foils available for it if you want it perfect. Used part sold as-is.

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Bonnet & Bulkhead Sound Deadening Kit - Clubman

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Newton Commercial Sound Deadening Bonnet Pad and Bulkhead pad for Mini Clubman models. "Original bonnet felts were made of a material that is no longer available, so we have taken the opportunity to develop our own more efficient item. When fitted you will notice an enormous difference in the lack of noise from the engine and exhaust noise. Made out of a tough PVC coated felt material, we then "quilt" it on our sewing machines to look really elegant. The bulkhead piece is made of the same material and can be fitted between the bulkhead and engine." Special Adhesive supplied in kit.


Glass Filler Strip

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Chrome Filler (fillet) Trim Insert Strip for the Front or Rear Screen Rubber. Not just for looks this piece is functional for "locking" the glass and rubber into place. Part # 24A1466. Also available in Black. Chrome Joint finishing strip also available, search for part # JPC2017.


Rear Subframe Mounting Kit MS43- 1976 & later

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Rear subframe mounting kit, no trunnions. Every nut,washer,bolt,rubber bush and 2 pins that hold the rubber bushes that are prone to rusting badly and are required every time you do a subframe change Including the 2 large penny washers this kit has 36 components. Part # MS43. Post 1976 Classic Minis.

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Tinted Triumph TR2/TR3 Front Windshield

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Clear front windshield for the Triumph TR2 & TR3. Special order drop ship only. Please email for a packaging/shipping quote.