Conversion Plate - rear lamp RH (allows fitment of Mk1 rear lamp to later models)" />

Soffer Pro x33

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Boot/Trunk Lid Mk1

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Boot/Trunk Lid for Mk1.

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Bonnet & Bulkhead Sound Deadening Kit - Classic Mini

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Newton Commercial Sound Deadening Kit. Bonnet/Hood Pad and Bulkhead pad for Classic Mini models made after 1970. "Original bonnet felts were made of a material that is no longer available, so we have taken the opportunity to develop our own more efficient item. When fitted you will notice an enormous difference in the lack of noise from the engine and exhaust noise. Made out of a tough PVC coated felt material, we then "quilt" it on our sewing machines to look really elegant. The bulkhead piece is made of the same material and can be fitted between the bulkhead and engine." Special Adhesive supplied in kit. CK975A


Exterior Handle Set Mk2 24A2083Kit

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Chrome Exterior Door Lock and Handle set for Mk2 Classic Mini's 1966-1969. Includes like keyed left and right outer door handles and trunk lock with 2 keys. 24A2083kit.


Left Inner Hinge Panel for External Hinge Minis

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Left side reinforced inner hinge panel for Minis with external door hinges, including Mk1's, Mk2's, Vans and Pickups. This is the supporting stiffener piece for the door hinges. An outer panel is also required. Qty 1.


Front nose panel 1996+ with front mounted radiator - Genuine

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Mk7 Front nose panel for Twin Point Injection/MPI Minis with a front mounted radiator. Genuine Rover/Heritage, Part # ASJ360070. Oversize item for shipping, must ship UPS. Allow 14 to 30 days for delivery.