Soffer Pro x33

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Adjustable Shock Set - Front GAZ TR4A, TR250 & TR6

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This is an Adjustable Front Shock Set (2) by GAZ for Triumph TR4A, TR250 and TR6. GAZ shocks have a Zinc plated body that resists salt spray and road grime and looks great. Every unit is fully tested when dispatched from the factory with an individual dynometer report to insure quality. With this shock you get a 30 point rotary adjustments providing the facility for fine tuning without the need to remove the shock absorber from the car. GAZ shock absorbers strike the ultimate balance between comfort and performance road holding.

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25D4/45D4/45DE4 Electronic distributor -MG & Triumph

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This is the most advanced distributor available for your Triumph Spitfire 1975 to 1980, MGB 62 to 80 (Neg Grd only) and MG Midget 1961 to 1979 (Neg Grd Only). This Complete Unit (Cap+Rotor included) has the most updated electronic ignition available for cars with 25D4 and 45D4, 45DE4 distributors. Modern Japanese electronics have been combined the Lucas 45D4 Distributor to give you the best of both worlds, maintenance free ignition with the original look of your British Distributor. Some distributors offer a 12 month warranty; this unit carries a 36 Month Warranty, this is the longest in the Business! Very simple installation, two wires, no cutting, just plugs in and go! Note: This distributor will only work for Neg. Ground Cars. 41427

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Polished Alloy Valve Cover MGB 1800

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Polished Alloy Valve Cover for MGB 4 cyl engines.


Water pump - Triumph TR6 71-76

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Water pump with gasket- Triumph TR6 1971-1976 USA


Water pump, MG Midget 1.5, Spitfire 1.5

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Water pump with gasket, MG Midget 1.5, Spitfire 1.3 & 1.5, Triumph Dolomite 1.3 & 1.5. Part #'s GWP128, WP2010