Soffer Pro x33

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Elm 2 Clock RHD Mini Dash

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Beautiful golden colored Elm 2 Clock RHD Dash for Classic Minis. Real wood veneer with a rich pattern on a wood backing with an opening glove box and space for a radio.

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Oil Pressure Gauge TIM006

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TIM Superdash 52mm (2+1/16) Oil Pressure Gauge with copper feed line, T piece and fittings included. 0-100 pound calibration. Part # TIM006

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Mini Walnut 3 Clock Dashboard - Center Gauges

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Scratch & Dent item. Gorgeous new design. Center pod burl Walnut Dashboard with 2 gloveboxes, radio slot and chrome rings around the 3 gauges. Will fit LH or RH drive Minis with an upper dash pad. If your upper dash is painted metal then you will need to add the dash pad or use a 3 piece dashboard kit.  PM108. This one is brand new but has a small 1/4" chip in the lowest right hand corner. This probably wont be visible when installed.

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Speedo Cable Mini 1000 & 1275GT

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33" Speedometer Cable for '69-'88 Mini 1000 models and '70-'79 1275GT models QSC3006. Also fits many LHD models, compare cable ends and length.

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Carbon Fiber 3 Clock dash-LHD

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Real Carbon Fiber on a wood backing. LHD 3 clock dash for Classic Minis