Soffer Pro x33

$2999.99 -15% $3700.00 Stock Qty = 13

22G2205 Rod Change Rear Mount

$7.50 -15% $8.63 | Stock Qty = 13

Mount for Mini rod change gearbox extension. part # 22G2205. Also for Spridget & Triumph Spitfire


Complete Clutch - Verto-Fuel Injected

$214.15 -15% $246.27 | Stock Qty = 1

Clutch Kit - Verto (190mm disc) for fuel injected models. 3 pieces including diaphragm plate, bearing and disc. New, not rebuilt. Will fit all "A+" engines including both the carb models (only if flywheel is perfect and not worn) and the fuel injected 1300cc models. GCK152AF CLH3053


DAM2821 Verto Clutch Seal Dust Protector

$5.97 -15% $6.87 | Stock Qty = 4

Verto clutch primary oil seal dust cover. When the verto clutch was introduced the factory started fitting this plastic protector over the clutch oil seal --should be replaced when stripped down as they get brittle. DAM2821


Clutch Slave Hose Pre Verto

$18.00 -15% $20.70 | Stock Qty = 9

Standard replacement clutch slave cylinder hose. Pre Verto style clutch. GVP1020


Braided Clutch Slave Cylinder Hose Verto

$25.45 -15% $29.27 | Stock Qty = 5

Braided Clutch Slave Cylinder hose for Verto type clutches.