Soffer Pro x33

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Left Quarterlight -CZH3523 Clear

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Left Rear Opening 1/4 light. Complete L/H rear side window frame with glass and opening catch for Mk3 cars only from 1970 on


Boot/Trunk Lid Mk3+

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Double Skinned Boot/Trunk Lid for Mk3+. This lid is open frame inside. The seal attaches to the body with this type of lid. ALLOW 10-15 DAYS EXTRA FOR DELIVERY.

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Quick release bonnet hinges - Mk3+

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These SRacer stainless steel quick release hinges for your Mk3 and up Mini not only look good but also allow easy removal and reinstallation of the hood without the need for realignment. No more dents in your head while you perform simple tasks under the bonnet. Includes one pair of hinges and required bolts.

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Mk1 7 Wide Slat Grille & Moustache Kit

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New 4 piece 7 slat (Mk1 Morris Style) polished stainless Grille and Moustache set for Minis with external opening bonnet. The moustache, side "whiskers", clips and rivets are included but not pictured. Part # 24A2158kit


Front Tow Eye - Powder Coated Black

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BLACK Sracer Classic Mini Front Tow Hook. Easy to install, just replace the front subframe mount bolt for a permanent installation. Perfect for towing and trailer tie down. These are CAD plated to resist corrosion and powder coated in black