Soffer Pro x33

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Heater Control Valve MGA & MGB

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New Heater Valve for the MGA and MGB, replace your old one before it puts water in your car instead of heat. For the gasket see part# 12H3868


52mm High Capacity 2 Core Alloy Mini Radiator with Drain Plug & Cap

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Classic Mini high capacity 52mm 2 core aluminum light weight high efficiency Classic Mini radiator with drain plug. Can be used on all Minis prior to 1989 (or up to MPI if you don't need the electric fan switch), Mk1 cars will require shroud modifications if they still have the original shroud. Radiator cap also included. . Dimensions @ 1.8" thick, 14+1/4" high (add 1" for the neck), 11+3/8 wide Hose connectors are 1" diameter


Thermostat Housing - Silver Billet Alloy

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RetroSport Silver Billet Alloy Thermostat housing with gasket. Special order, allow 14 to 21 days for delivery.

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Kenlowe Electric Fan Kit

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Kenlowe Electric Cooling Fan Kit. Made specifically for the Classic Mini. Includes the electric fan and all parts needed to install. Thermostatically controlled so only comes on when needed for extra cooling. Can be used to replace the mechanical fan thus saving valuable HP or just as an auxilliary fan in hot climates. Installation instructions included. C-ARA4400. Delivery 10-15 days


Stainless Steel Radiator Hose Clamp

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25/40 (1"to 1.6") stainless steel worm drive radiator hose clamp. Fits all Mini radiator hoses and most MG, Triumph etc