Soffer Pro x33

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GTR104 Temperature sender 63-69

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Temperature sensor/sender unit in the cylinder head 1963-1969 and Cooper S with voltage stabilizer GTR104


2 Core "Super Cool" Radiator with Sensor Switch - C-ARA4443

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Classic Mini 2 Core Super Cool Radiator with the fan sensor/switch for late models (91+)not included. This "Super Cool" radiator is ideal for hot climates and is more efficient than the standard 3 core radiator. It is especially suited for larger & more powerful engines but is not suggested for off road use. Add a "Tropical Fan" for extra cooling performance. May require minor modifications to 2-piece radiator shroud if fitted to Mk I/II. Part # C-ARA4443

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Blue Silicon Lower Radiator Hose

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Blue Silicon lower radiator hose for all pre-1989 models including Clubman. Designed to be trimmed to fit if needed. Extra heavy duty to look good & last forever.


Heater Blank Plate - Stainless Steel

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SRacer Stainless Steel Heater Blank Plate. Thick stainless steel that will outlast your Mini.

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Heater Cable 30"

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Heater Cable, straight end, 30"