Soffer Pro x33

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YWL10010 fan switch

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YWL10010 fan switch, located in thermostat housing 90-91 Mini. 8mm Metric thread-genuine Rover


Heater Cable 88+

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JFF10003 Heater Cable, round end, 88 to 97 models with in-line heater valve.

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Morris Minor Radiator

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New radiator for Morris Minor. Special order, email


Heater Blank Plate - Stainless Steel

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SRacer Stainless Steel Heater Blank Plate. Thick stainless steel that will outlast your Mini.

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14A6498 Radiator Cowl on inner wing up to 1975

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14A6498 Radiator Cowl. The left side inner fender of the MKI/2/3 pre 1975 Mini should have a metal cowling to focus the air from the radiator to the wheel well. The almost sqaure cowling is spot welded to the inner fender and has the tabs on it that in turn hold the rubber surround that fits around the radiator. If you are restoring your car properly you will need to have this in your Mini. See also the surround rubber 14A7286