Soffer Pro x33

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Used- Heater Blank Plate - Billet Aluminum

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Used Heater Blank Plate. Billet aluminum with bolts included. Used parts are sold as-is.

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Top Hose GRH469Kevlar

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Kevlar reinforced upper radiator hose for 1275GT models. Designed to be cut to fit for all 1275 models. Part# GRH469Kevlar


Thermostat housing bolt when sandwich plate fitted -DAM7760

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Thermostat housing bolt when sandwich plate is installed. On late A+ engines the factory changed over to bolts rather than a stud on thermostats with a sandwich plate underneath them, all are interchangable as the cylinder head threaded hole was standard. Also fit the bell housing. DAM7760

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Lower Radiator Hose GRH802 Silicone

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Blue Silicone lower radiator hose for Mini and Moke without heater take off. Bottom hose GRH802S


YWL10010 fan switch

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YWL10010 fan switch, located in thermostat housing 90-91 Mini. 8mm Metric thread-genuine Rover