Soffer Pro x33

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Tropical Cooling Fan 2A998

$65.00 -15% $74.75 | Stock Qty = 5

Genuine Rover/Heritage Tropical Cooling Fan as fitted to Minis in hot climates. Perfect for the summer. Part # 2A998

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Heater Control Valve MGA & MGB

$25.45 -15% $29.27 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

New Heater Valve for the MGA and MGB, replace your old one before it puts water in your car instead of heat. For the gasket see part# 12H3868


Bypass hose - Kevlar GZA2086

$7.00 -15% $8.05 | Stock Qty = 1

This is the shorter by-pass hose which slides up the longer 12A2075 adaptor in the cylinder head and then back down on the water pump outlet allowing fitment without removing the cylinder head 42.5 mm long. made out of kevlar for extra longevity. See GZA2083 for alternative longer version


Thermostat Housing - Blue Billet Alloy

$100.93 -15% $116.07 | Stock Qty = 4

RetroSport Blue Billet Alloy Thermostat housing with gasket. Special order, allow 14 to 21 days for delivery.

Out of Stock!!!.

Heater Take Off 5/8"

$16.27 -15% $18.71 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

SRacer Classic Mini replacement heater outlet for the cylinder head with thick flange and corrosion resistant coating. For 5/8" hose.