Soffer Pro x33

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2 Core Alloy Mini Radiator with Drain Plug & Cap - Scratch & Dent

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Classic Mini 2 core polished aluminum light weight high efficiency Classic Mini radiator with drain plug. Reinforced side mounts for extra strength. Can be used on all Minis prior to 1989 (or up to MPI if you don't need the electric fan switch), Mk1 cars will require shroud modifications if they still have the original shroud. Radiator cap also included. Also available with the fan switch for 91+ carb and SPI models. Dimensions 2+5/8" thick, 14+1/4" high (add 1" for the neck), 11+3/8 wide. Hose connectors are 1" diameter. THIS ONE HAS A MINOR COSMETIC IMPERFECTION IN THE CENTER ROW, See Pic. Discounted and sold as-is.


Lower Radiator Bracket Spacer Tube

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Mini lower radiator bracket spacer tube. Fits one piece radiator cowl as installed from 1974. Replaces part # ARP1073. Bracket also available, search for part # 12A2153

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Used- Heater Blank Plate - Billet Aluminum

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Used Heater Blank Plate. Billet aluminum with bolts included. Used parts are sold as-is.


Stainless Steel Radiator Hose Clamp

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25/40 (1"to 1.6") stainless steel worm drive radiator hose clamp. Fits all Mini radiator hoses and most MG, Triumph etc

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GWP132 Water Pump

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GWP132 Water Pump with bypass for early cars with 850/998 engines. Short impeller type for early blocks. Mini, Spridget, Morris 1000. Gasket included.