Soffer Pro x33

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Thermostat Housing PEQ10019

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Larger bore thermoatat housing, approx 32MM wide(1.250")and has a small outlet pipe which is blanked off (not drilled out). Uses GRH1140 Hose for PEQ10019 housing which is large bore one end and correct size at other end to fit the standard radiator size outlet. This larger bore housing is a usefull upgrade in hot climate countries. Dont forget to order the gasket!

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PGX10001 11mm Fan Spacer -Used

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USED-PGX10001 radiator fan spacer. 7/16" thick (11mm). Used on most Minis after 1990 upto MPI models, also used on some earlier cars with a breather type timing cover. Used parts are sold as-is


PGK10034 Radiator cowl

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One piece radiator cowl / shroud as fitted by Rover from 1974 on-this replaced the original 2 piece cowling pre 1974. The upper and lower fixings also changed

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Used standard 3 Core Radiator

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USED 3 core radiator (new one shown) for a classic Mini upto 1991 models. Clean inside and no leaks. Used parts are sold as-is and are not returnable.


2 Core Alloy Supplemental Radiator with Cap

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Small add on supplemental radiator for cars with overheating issues. This is not specifically made for a Mini so will need some creativity for mounting. Dimensions @ 1.5" thick, 11.25" high (add 1" for the neck), 4+7/8" wide. Hose connectors are 5/8" diameter and can be fitted directly to most heater hoses for additional cooling capacity.