Soffer Pro x33

$2999.99 -15% $3700.00 Stock Qty = 3

Standard Radiator Cooling Fan 12G2129

$38.00 -15% $43.70 | Stock Qty = 3

Cooling Fan as fitted to most Classic Minis. Part 12G2129. For extra cooling power in hotter climates see "Tropical Fan". ***New fans are either yellow or white plastic***


Lower Radiator Hose GRH802

$12.19 -15% $14.02 | Stock Qty = 4

Lower radiator hose for Mini and Moke without heater take off. Also available with Kevlar reinforcement, see GRH802Kevlar.


Lower Radiator Hose GRH1159

$71.30 -15% $82.00 | Stock Qty = 2

Special lower radiator hose with heater connection for 1990 and up cars equipped with HIF44 carbs.


Top Hose GRH245 Blue Silicone

$29.53 -15% $33.96 | Stock Qty = 5

Upper Radiator hose for MK2+ Minis. This is shorter than the Mk1 hose but fits all current radiators where the radiator outlet is positioned 1-1.5" in from the front edge. This is made longer hose can also but cut to fit most upper hose applications.


Heater valve stud 53K402

$2.35 -15% $2.70 | Stock Qty = 21

53K402 heater valve stud (on the head)