Soffer Pro x33

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USED Thermostat Housing 12G103 - Billet Aluminum

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Used Billet Alloy Mini Thermostat housing, fits most Classic Minis except larger bore type. Part # 12G103 equivalent. Dont forget to order the gasket! Used parts are sold as-is and are not returnable


Top Hose GRH1465

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Upper Radiator Hose for MPI models from 1997 and up. Genuine Rover.


MPI Front Mounted Radiator

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Radiator for MPI model Minis with the radiator mounted in the front of the car. Part # GRD974

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Silicone Radiator Hose Kit - SPI - Black

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Black Silicone Radiator hose kit for all spi Minis. This kit has top and bottom radiator hoses and 2 lengths of heater hoses…all in shiney black Silicone that should last forever and not degrade with heat, time and environment. This kit is ideal for both the racer who never wants a failure or the daily driver that wants to forget about hose problems. Being made in silicon they are far more flexible than ordinary rubber and much easier to fit!            


Top Hose GRH1212 - Genuine Rover

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Upper radiator hose for SPI Minis. Part # GRH1212. Rover PCH10566EVA - Genuine Rover part