Soffer Pro x33

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2 Core "Super Cool" Radiator with Sensor Switch - C-ARA4443

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Classic Mini 2 Core Super Cool Radiator with the fan sensor/switch for late models (91+)not included. This "Super Cool" radiator is ideal for hot climates and is more efficient than the standard 3 core radiator. It is especially suited for larger & more powerful engines but is not suggested for off road use. Add a "Tropical Fan" for extra cooling performance. May require minor modifications to 2-piece radiator shroud if fitted to Mk I/II. Part # C-ARA4443


Thermostat Housing 12G103

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Thermostat housing, most Classic Minis except larger bore type. Part # 12G103. Dont forget to order the gasket!


Radiator Cap 15# Jaguar, Mercedes,

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Radiator Cap. 15 lb's for Jaguar XJ6 11/73-12/75, XJS, XJ12 74-9275-85, Mercedes R107, W108. W114

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Lower Radiator Hose GRH802 Silicone

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Blue Silicone lower radiator hose for Mini and Moke without heater take off. Bottom hose GRH802S


Standard Radiator Cooling Fan 12G2129

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Cooling Fan as fitted to most Classic Minis. Part 12G2129. For extra cooling power in hotter climates see "Tropical Fan". ***New fans are either yellow or white plastic***