Soffer Pro x33

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Blue Silicon Lower Radiator Hose

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Blue Silicon lower radiator hose for all pre-1989 models including Clubman. Designed to be trimmed to fit if needed. Extra heavy duty to look good & last forever.


Fuel Pump Cover with gasket- Billet Alloy

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RetroSport  Billet Alloy Fuel Pump blanking plate with gasket. Silver, red, blue or black. Special order, allow 14 to 21 days for delivery.

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Thermostat Housing PEQ10019

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Larger bore thermoatat housing, approx 32MM wide(1.250")and has a small outlet pipe which is blanked off (not drilled out). Uses GRH1140 Hose for PEQ10019 housing which is large bore one end and correct size at other end to fit the standard radiator size outlet. This larger bore housing is a usefull upgrade in hot climate countries. Dont forget to order the gasket!

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Alloy Mini Radiator with Drain Plug & Cap

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Classic Mini 42mm 2 core aluminum light weight high efficiency Classic Mini radiator with drain plug. Can be used on all Minis prior to 1989 (or up to MPI if you don't need the electric fan switch), Mk1 cars will require shroud modifications if they still have the original 2 piece shroud and the duct on the left inner fender. Radiator cap also included.  Dimensions @ 1.8" thick, 14+1/4" high (add 1" for the neck), 11+3/8 wide Hose connectors are 1" diameter

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Silicone Radiator Hose Kit - SPI - Blue

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Blue Silicone Radiator hose kit for all spi Minis. This kit has top and bottom radiator hoses and 2 lengths of heater hoses…all in shiney black Silicone that should last forever and not degrade with heat, time and environment. This kit is ideal for both the racer who never wants a failure or the daily driver that wants to forget about hose problems. Being made in silicon they are far more flexible than ordinary rubber and much easier to fit!