Soffer Pro x33

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Wiper Motor plastic cover - Used

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USED-Wiper motor plastic cover for Classic Minis. Used parts are sold as-is


Top Hose GRH245 Blue Silicone

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Upper Radiator hose for MK2+ Minis. This is shorter than the Mk1 hose but fits all current radiators where the radiator outlet is positioned 1-1.5" in from the front edge. This is made longer hose can also but cut to fit most upper hose applications.


Top Hose GRH247 Kevlar

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Kevlar upper Radiator hose for Cooper S and 1275GT models.

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Kenlowe Electric Fan Kit

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Kenlowe Electric Cooling Fan Kit. Made specifically for the Classic Mini. Includes the electric fan and all parts needed to install. Thermostatically controlled so only comes on when needed for extra cooling. Can be used to replace the mechanical fan thus saving valuable HP or just as an auxilliary fan in hot climates. Installation instructions included. C-ARA4400. Delivery 10-15 days


GRC1184 expansion tank cap MPI/Twin Point

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At long last a screw on fitting radiator cap but it is only for the twin point injection cars from 1996 on. Actually fits the expansion tank on this model and originated from the the Mini Metro. This special cap is made to allow water /pressure to escape and should be checked periodically GRC1184