Soffer Pro x33

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Top Hose GRH245

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Upper Radiator hose for MK2+ Minis. This is shorter than the Mk1 hose but fits all current radiators where the radiator outlet is positioned 1-1.5" in from the front edge


Screw in Radiator Sensor Switch

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Screw in fan switch with washer as fitted in the bottom of Super Cool 2 core and alloy radiators. C-ARA4445


Radiator Cap 13# Suzuki & Japanese

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Radiator Cap. 13 lb's for Suzuki Samurai, SJ410, SJ413 to 1988.5 Also Daihatsu Charade, Toyota, Mazda 323 & 626 with full size caps.


Bypass hose with clamps -1275

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Bypass Hose that goes from the water pump to the cylinder head on many "A" series engines. A common point of failure. Always keep a spare. 1 hose and 2 clamps included. Longer hose for 1275cc engines.

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2 Core Super Cool Radiator "Scratch & Dent"

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SCRATCH & DENT--- 2 Core Supercool Radiator. This radiator is great for hot climates and will keep your engine running cooler. It is especially suited for larger & more powerful engines but is not suggested for off road use. Add a "Tropical Fan" for extra cooling performance. Mk1/2 two piece fan shrouds may require slight modification. This neck of this one is not perfectly straight from being knocked in shipping but it is fully functional as is.