Soffer Pro x33

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Air Filter New MINI

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Air filter for BMW MINI

MINI COOPER 1.6 2001->on MINI MINI COOPER 1.6 S 2002->2004 MINI MINI COOPER 1.6 S 2004->on MINI MINI ONE 1.6 2001->on

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Suzuki Samurai Rear Bench Seat - Used

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Used rear seat for a Suzuki Samurai. It has a couple of small tears and is not perfect but is very usable. Seat belt receptacles and rear latch bracket included. Very large and heavy for shipping, must go UPS. Used parts are sold as-is and are not returnable.

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Used Aldon Yellow Distributor (100AYP) - A+ series

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Used Aldon "Yellow" electronic distributor for  A+ engines. A non-vacuum distributor, to suit most tuned engines, using camshafts such as Piper 270/285, Kent 266/276 and 286.  Aldon Part # 100AYP with points. Used parts are sold as-is.

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Used 1.5" SU HS4 Carburetor

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Used SU HS4 1.5" carb. Came from a running Mini 1000 but a rebuild is always suggested on any used carb.  All used parts are sold "as-is" with no returns.

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Oil Vapor Catch Can- Scratch & Dent Clearance

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Sracer Oil vapor catch can in polished Stainless Steel, does NOT come with the little filter. This one is discounted due to very minor scratches in the surface from shipping.