Soffer Pro x33

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Heater Core / Matrix 70-84 Mini

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New heater matrix / heater core for 1970-1984 Minis. 2 plastic 5/8" outlets at each end  The later HIF38 1275 and single point cars had a change point where the plastic outlets exited on the l/h. These units take 5/8" heater hose,

Picture loos similar but end pipes are not together. They are at each end. 


GRC1184 expansion tank cap MPI/Twin Point

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At long last a screw on fitting radiator cap but it is only for the twin point injection cars from 1996 on. Actually fits the expansion tank on this model and originated from the the Mini Metro. This special cap is made to allow water /pressure to escape and should be checked periodically GRC1184

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2 Core Polished Alloy Mini Radiator with Fan Sensor & Cap

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Classic Mini 2 core polished aluminum super cool light weight high efficiency Classic Mini radiator with hole for electric fan temperature switch (not included). Reinforced side mounts for extra strength. Can be used on all Minis prior to MPI/Twin Point as it includes the radiator fan sensor required on 1990+ models, Mk1 cars will require shroud modifications if they still have the original shroud. Radiator cap also included. Also available without the switch. Dimensions 45mm thick, 14+1/4" high (add 1" for the neck), 11+3/8 wide Hose connectors are 1" diameter

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Blue Silicon Lower Radiator Hose

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Blue Silicon lower radiator hose for all pre-1989 models including Clubman. Designed to be trimmed to fit if needed. Extra heavy duty to look good & last forever.

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12A312 Fan Spacer

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12A312 radiator fan spacer. 1/16" Used with most of the stock radiator fans, definitely required if you have a breather type timing cover. Mini, Sprite, Minor