Soffer Pro x33

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Top Hose GRH1140

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Top radiator hose for 1990+ carbed models. Part # GRH1140


Tropical Cooling Fan 2A998

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Genuine Rover/Heritage Tropical Cooling Fan as fitted to Minis in hot climates. Perfect for the summer. Part # 2A998


Thermostat Blanking Sleeve 11G176

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The Thermostat may be removed to help reduce engine temperature but a thermostat blanking sleeve should always be fitted in its place to maintain correct coolant circulation through the entire cylinder head otherwise overheating may occur around #3 and 4 combustion chambers and cause severe problems. When using a blanking sleeve it is also necessary to blank off the by-pass hose (not found on later pumps/heads) between the head and water pump. Part # 11G176

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10" Electric Cooling Fan Kit

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Basic 10" electric radiator cooling fan kit. A much cheaper alternative to the Kenlowe Electric Cooling Fan Kit. Includes only the electric fan and all parts needed to mount it. You will need to supply the wiring and switch to operate it.


Heater Cable 88+

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JFF10003 Heater Cable, round end, 88 to 97 models with in-line heater valve.