Soffer Pro x33

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Top Hose GRH469Kevlar

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Kevlar reinforced upper radiator hose for 1275GT models. Designed to be cut to fit for all 1275 models. Part# GRH469Kevlar

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Heater Take Off 1/2"

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SRacer Classic Mini replacement heater outlet for the cylinder head with thick flange and corrosion resistant coating. For 1/2" hose.


Thermostat Housing - Black Billet Alloy

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RetroSport Black Billet Alloy Thermostat housing with gasket. Special order, allow 14 to 21 days for delivery.


Thermostat Blanking Sleeve 11G176

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The Thermostat may be removed to help reduce engine temperature but a thermostat blanking sleeve should always be fitted in its place to maintain correct coolant circulation through the entire cylinder head otherwise overheating may occur around #3 and 4 combustion chambers and cause severe problems. When using a blanking sleeve it is also necessary to blank off the by-pass hose (not found on later pumps/heads) between the head and water pump. Part # 11G176

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Lower Radiator Bracket Grommet -Polyurethane

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Yellow polyurethane grommet for the lower radiator bracket. Part #CAM4618POLY. Also available in standard black rubber, see CAM4618. Qty 1.