Soffer Pro x33

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Nippon Seiki guage dial face kit- White 110mph

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White gauge face kit for 110mph Nippon Seiki type Mini gauges, 2 or 3 dial. Easy to install and gives a new look to your dash. Will also convert kph speedo to MPH.


Speedo Cable 0722-48

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48" Speedo Cable. Screw on bothe ends. For Minis and mokes requiring an extra long cable.

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Dash Card, oval center Speedo with vent holes

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Black vinyl covered dash cards for oval center speedo Minis with side air vents (not shown). Part # ALE2928. See part # ALE2927 for type without air vents.

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Switch Bezel Mk2 & up

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New Bezel goes around the switches on Mk2 and up Classic Minis ALA6640

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Elm 2 Clock RHD Mini Dash

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Beautiful golden colored Elm 2 Clock RHD Dash for Classic Minis. Real wood veneer with a rich pattern on a wood backing with an opening glove box and space for a radio.