Soffer Pro x33

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Walnut Center Speedo Dash with Vents - 3 Piece

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Gorgeous Center Speedo 3 piece Walnut Dashboard with 2 gloveboxes and side air vent holes (not shown). To fit this dash your Mini must NOT have a an upper dash rail pad. Your dash top needs to be painted metal. If your dash has a padded upper rail see the 1 piece center speedo dash.

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Triumph Spitfire Walnut LHD Dashboard 120

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Gorgeous 3 piece Burl Walnut dashboard for Spitfire MkIV Spitfire 1500 from FH100021 with round Hazard Switch. Please compare all switch/gauge positions as there are several variations.

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Stainless Steel 3+3 LHD Dashboard

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LHD Stainless Steel/Silver Dashboard with glovebox, radio slot, chrome rings around the 3 main gauges and 3 extra holes for additional instruments

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Carbon Fiber 3+3 Clock dash-RHD

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Real Carbon Fiber on a wood backing. RHD 3+3 clock dash for Classic Minis complete with fitting instructions. 3 extra holes included in the center for additional gauges. **Please note that the glovebox door may a have different handle from the one shown as they vary from batch to batch**


Choke Cable-Early Type Mk1/Mk2 single carb

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Choke Cable- Mk1/Mk2 single carb