Soffer Pro x33

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Dash Card, oval center Speedo without air vent holes

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Black vinyl covered dash cards for oval center speedo Minis without side air vents. (Holes for side air vents are cut in the card but not in the vinyl so can be optional for use with both types of dash) Part # ALE2927. See ALE2928 for the type with vents.


Choke Cable-Early Type Mk1/Mk2 single carb

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Choke Cable- Mk1/Mk2 single carb

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Walnut Center Speedo Dash without Vents - 3 Piece

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Gorgeous Center Speedo 3 piece Walnut Dashboard with 2 gloveboxes and no side air vents. To fit this dash your Mini must NOT have a an upper dash rail pad. Your dash top needs to be painted metal. If your dash has a padded upper rail see the 1 piece center speedo dash. **Please note that the glovebox doors may a have different handle from the one shown as they vary from batch to batch**.


Speedo Cable 1990 on RHD 42.5"

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Speedometer cable for 1990 on RHD. GSD487 - 42.5"

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Carbon Fiber Center Speedo dashboard

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Real Carbon Fiber center speedo Mini dash. This dash requires that your upper dash has a cushioned pad installed and is not painted metal. ** glove box doors now have knobs to open/close