Soffer Pro x33

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Front nose panel pre 1976 - Van & Pickup

$385.56 -15% $443.39 | Stock Qty = 1

Front nose panel for Mini Vans and Pickups with 2 bolt mounted front subframes pre 1976. Part # 14A9566. Oversize item for shipping, must ship UPS. Special order, allow 14 to 21 days for shipping.

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Rear Window Rubber Seal Kit - Pickup

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Rubber Seal Kit for the Mini Pickup Rear Window Glass. Includes rubber seal for the rear glass and black filler (locking) strip.

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Pickup Bed Side Panel - LH

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Left rear side panel for a Mini Pickup- Oversize for shipping, must go UPS. Special order part, allow 14 to 21 days for delivery.

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Chrome External Door Hinge Set -Mk1/2, Van, Pickup

$299.95 -15% $344.94 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

Complete set of 4 CHROME replacement hinges for Mini models with external door hinges. Mk1 and Mk2 Minis and all Vans & Pickups. Includes 4 hinges in high quality bright chrome.

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Outer Hinge Panel Mk3+ - LH Genuine

$29.95 -15% $34.44 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

Outer Hinge panel for Minis with internal hinges. Sometimes called the "A" panel. This panel, located just in front of the door, almost always rusts, starting with small bubbles under the paint and getting rapidly worse. Qty 1. Left side (as viewed from the drivers seat). Genuine Rover Parts (generic also available)