Soffer Pro x33

$2999.99 -15% $3700.00 Stock Qty = 4

HIF Choke Cable Clip CZK6491

$ 3.55 -15% $ 4.08 | Stock Qty = 4

HIF Choke Cable Clip at the carb end.

Out of Stock!!!.

Custom Consoles 2 Clock RHD Mini Dash - Clearance

$ 154.95 -15% $ 178.19 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

Clearance scratch & dent" discounted item. "Custom Consoles" 2 Clock RHD Dash for Classic Minis. Beautifully made RHD black dash with glovebox and a radio cutout. This one has very minor damage on the lower tips of the dash from shipping, damage is slight an not visible in photos and this item will still look great once installed. No returns on clearance items.


Speedo Cable Mk4 to 1990 48"

$ 28.00 -15% $ 32.20 | Stock Qty = 5

Speedometer Cable 48". GSD415 for Minis with gauges in front of the driver. 1976- 1990 RHD models. Not for Nippon Seiki gauges.

Out of Stock!!!.

Walnut Center Speedo Dash with Vents - Clearance

$ 189.95 -15% $ 218.44 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

Gorgeous Center Speedo Walnut Dashboard with 2 gloveboxes. To fit this dash your Mini must have a an upper dash rail pad. If your upper dash is painted metal then you will need to add the dash pad or use a 3 piece dashboard kit. Email for more details. **Please note that the glovebox doors may a have different handle from the one shown as they vary from batch to batch**. This one is discounted due to a small (1/4") chip on the lower left corner. Sold "as-is". Clearance items are not returnable.

Out of Stock!!!.

Walnut 3 clock LHD Dashboard - Clearance

$ 95.00 -15% $ 109.25 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

LHD Walnut Dashboard with glovebox, radio slot, chrome rings around the 3 gauges. This one is deeply discounted and on clearance because of a crack in the varnish on the glovebox door and it is also missing the center mounting bracket on the back. Sold "as-is".