Soffer Pro x33

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Nippon Seiki guage dial face kit- White 110mph

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White gauge face kit for 110mph Nippon Seiki type Mini gauges, 2 or 3 dial. Easy to install and gives a new look to your dash. Will also convert kph speedo to MPH.

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Walnut 3 clock LHD Dashboard

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Gorgeous LHD Walnut Dashboard with glovebox, radio slot, chrome rings around the 3 gauges. **Please note that the glovebox door may a have different handle from the one shown as they vary from batch to batch**.



14A9796 Center gauge pod bezel clip

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14A9796 clip for 14A9907, 14 reqd per car


Speedo Cable 0722-39

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Center Speedo 39" Speedo Cable. Screw on both ends. For Mini Center Speedo, Mini Moke and other applications requiring a 39" cable. Can be used in place of the 36" cable for easier fitment.

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Carbon Fiber RHD 2 Clock dash-damaged

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RHD 2 clock real Carbon Fiber Mini dash. This one only at this price due to a very small chip on the lower left side. Click on this link for more detailed photos