Soffer Pro x33

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Distributor Electronic Ignition Module

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Electronic ignition module for Lucas, Ducellier, Bosch & Marelli distributors. Jaguar XJ6 4.2, XJS 3.6, Morgan 4/4, Lancia Beta 5/78+, Renault Fuego, Fiat 131/132 77-85 Non OEM PART

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Wiper Motor Gear

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Plastic gear with 110 degree wiper sweep for all mk2/3 minis wiper motors This gear has 46 teeth and some vans/pickups had 120 degree(stamped on gear) with same amount of teeth but was replaced by this.MK1 originally used 130 degree which was then replace by 120 degree in 1964 which are all no longer available.

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Classic Mini Dash Illumination Kit

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Illuminates your dash switches, this upgrade kit will alow the brake test switch, rear screen heater switch ,fog light switch, hazard warning light switch and main light square type switches to be illuminated when the main lights are on. It will also sound a reminder chime when the door is opened when the lights are on and the ignition off, which helps avoid leaving your lights on and running the battery down. Will also fit late cars with additional front fog switch. MSSK2007


17H5106 25D distributor screw set

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17H5106 screw set for 23 & 25D distributors

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Nippon Denso Spark Plugs -Set of 4

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Nippon Denso W20EP-U spark plug set for Classic Minis 850 to 1275cc models and many others. Qty1= a set of 4 plugs