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Soffer Pro x33

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Battery Cut Off Switch - Heavy Duty

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Heavy Duty Battery Cut Off Switch. This heavy duty battery switch can extend the life of your vehicle's battery. ■Prevents battery drain when vehicle is in storage, deters theft ■Die-cast zinc mounting surface with aluminum inserts ■Copper terminals with yellow brass hex nuts ■Thermoplastic twist knob ■Phenolic encased switch backing - Mounting surface and knob: 2.65" diameter x 2-1/4" H, 3-1/2" H overall - Mounting depth, width: 1-3/8" x 2-1/2"


Classic Mini Gear Reduction Starter Motor

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Heavy Duty Gear Reduction Starter for Pre-Verto Minis, Austin America, Jensen Healey, Morgan & Lotus with the Lucas 25147 starter. 100% bolt in. Modern style starter motor that will get your Mini cranking for faster and more reliable starts. 16122 All gear reduction starter are considered remanufactured. ALLOW ONE TO TWO WEEKS FOR DELIVERY.

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Chrome Switch Panel with Switches -B

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Chrome switch panel bezel with 5 new illuminated switches included. Mk3+. Pin connectors on the back. Lights, Hazard, Screen Washer (not shown), Heated Rear Window, Fog Lamps. Click on this link for a picture of the connectors


Illuminated Rear Fog Lamp Switch

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Illuminated Rear Fog Lamp Switch for Classic Minis with pin type connectors. **extra wiring may be required for the switch illumination**


Distributor Rotor - Triumph, Jaguar, Aston Martin

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Distributor rotor for Triumph TR4, TR5, TR6, Triumph 2000/2500, Jaguar E-Type, XJ6 to 10/75, Aston Martin DB6/DBS NON OEM