Soffer Pro x33

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Points 45D distributor

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Distributor points for 45D Distributor Lucas part # DSB108. These points were fitted from 1974-80 when the distributors became a 45D type the distributor cap shape change also to GDC136 and like wise rotor arm GRA2114 and condenser GSC2109. Also fits many MGB Federal, English Fords, Lotus, Jensens, Triumphs, Sunbeams etc with 45D Lucas distributors

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E3.46 Spark Plugs -Set of 4

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E3 Diamondfire Spark Plug Set. E3's version of NGK BP6ES spark plug for Classic Minis 850 to 1275cc models and many others. 3 electrodes for better combustion and more power. Qty1= a set of 4 plugs Here's the bottom line: E3 DiamondFire spark plugs produce a faster flame front and pressure rise. This converts more of the fuel to "work" and gets it to the piston head before it is vented off by the exhaust valve.

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Illuminated Front Fog Lamp Switch

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Illuminated Front Fog Lamp Switch for Classic Minis with pin type connectors. **extra wiring may be required for the switch illumination**

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Electronic Ignition Module for Lucas

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Ignition ignitor TVR, Land Rover Defender 3.5V8, Discovery 1 -ch#MA094073, Aston Martin 86-93, MGB V8, Mini 10/98+, Rover SD1, Range Rover 3.5 V8 to 91. Lucas # 84896B. Rover #NJL100050


Starter motor - 1984+ Pre-engaged

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Hi torque pre-engaged starter motor for 1984+ Minis. Will fit early models if the flywheel ring gear is reversed or replaced with the later type. Brand NEW- No core required. GXE4527