Soffer Pro x33

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Wiper Switch BAU5346

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BAU5346 Wiper/Washer stalk switch as fitted to 1989+ Minis. See BAU5345 for matching turn signal switch.


Pertronix Ignitor II 9LU147

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Pertronix Ignitor II for Lucas 45DM4 and 47DM4 distributors. Fits many Triumph and MG 4 cyl applications. MGB, Midget, TR7, Spitfire and more

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Rocker Switch Plug Repair Kit

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Repair kit for rocker type switch connectors (except hazard switch). Plastic connector and 5 female pins will fix those burned out rocker switch connectors on your dash switches. Not for Hazard switches.


Points 23D/25D distributor

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Distributor points for 23D & 25D distributors, pre 1974. Make sure to compare your existing points as distributors can get changed over the years. Lucas part # DSB101C. See DCB101C for matching condenser. Also fits many English Fords, Lotus, Jensens, Triumphs, Sunbeams etc.

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Illuminated Spot lamp Switch

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Illuminated Spot Lamp Switch for Classic Minis with pin type connectors. **extra wiring may be required for the switch illumination**