Soffer Pro x33

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Turn Signal Switch 21A2660

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21A2660 turn signal/horn stalk switch as fitted to 76+ LHD Minis and and on RHD UK cars from 1984-89. Switch fits on LH side of the column.


Turn Signal Switch 13H7779 Mini Mk2 & Mk3

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New Mk2 & Mk3 turn signal switch/indicator stalk with connector. Please note connector may need to be changed to bullet type for some Mk2 models. 13H7779

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Illuminated Front Fog Lamp Switch

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Illuminated Front Fog Lamp Switch for Classic Minis with pin type connectors. **extra wiring may be required for the switch illumination**


Classic Mini Gear Reduction Starter Motor

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Heavy Duty Gear Reduction Starter for Pre-Verto Minis, Austin America, Jensen Healey, Morgan & Lotus with the Lucas 25147 starter. 100% bolt in. Modern style starter motor that will get your Mini cranking for faster and more reliable starts. 16122 All gear reduction starter are considered remanufactured. ALLOW ONE TO TWO WEEKS FOR DELIVERY.


Pertronix Ignitor LU143

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Pertronix Ignitor for Lucas 43D/45D distributors with "red fixed points" Fits many Minis, MG, Triumph, Lotus and English Fords