Soffer Pro x33

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Electronic Ignition Module For Jaguar

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Electronic ignition module for Jaguar XJ6 to 97, XJR to 97, XJs 87-96. Jaguar #'s DAC7317, DAC10923, DAC11365. NON OEM PART

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Battery Cut Off Switch

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Battery Cut Off Switch. Allows for easy disconnection of battery power during the winter months to stop battery drain whilst parked or in an emergency situation. Comes with two removable keys. Rated capacity 100 amps at 12 volts (1000A surge) or 50 amps at 24 volts (500A surge)


Headlight wiring harness

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3 pin headlamp wiring loom. About 32" long.  Fits Minis, Triumphs, MG's and many other British cars. 2 per car.

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Tune up kit for Minis with Lucas 45D distributor

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Ignition tune up kit for all Mini engines from about 1974 to 1980.  Distributor should be stamped 45D on the side and the points have a red or white arm. Kit includes distributor cap, points, rotor, condenser, genuine NGK BP6ES spark plugs and your choice of spark plug wires. Denso W20EP-U or  E3 Diamondfire plugs are optional.


"Blue Points with pin" 59D distributor DSB191

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Distributor points for 59D distributors from about 1980 until electronic ignition was fitted. These are known as "Blue Points W/pin". Make sure to compare your existing points as not all replacements use the blue color. See GSC2109 for matching condenser. DSB191