Soffer Pro x33

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13H337 ignition switch

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MK1/2 & early MK3 ignition switch (on the dash).  13H337


Distributor Rotor 25D - GRA2101

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Distributor rotor for Minis and many other Classics with 23D or 25D Lucas distributors Search for DDB106 if you also need the distributor cap. DRB101


"Blue Points with pin" 59D distributor DSB191

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Distributor points for 59D distributors from about 1980 until electronic ignition was fitted. These are known as "Blue Points W/pin". Make sure to compare your existing points as not all replacements use the blue color. See GSC2109 for matching condenser. DSB191

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Auxilliary Lamp Wiring Kit S6075

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Universal wiring kit with switch and relay for connecting fog or driving lamps. S6075

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Wiper Motor Gear

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Plastic gear with 110 degree wiper sweep for all mk2/3 minis wiper motors This gear has 46 teeth and some vans/pickups had 120 degree(stamped on gear) with same amount of teeth but was replaced by this.MK1 originally used 130 degree which was then replace by 120 degree in 1964 which are all no longer available.