Soffer Pro x33

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High Performance 59D4 Electronic Distributor 4-Cyl

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This is the most advanced distributor available for your Classic Mini A+ engine. This Complete Unit (Cap+Rotor included) has the most updated electronic ignition available. Modern Japanese electronics have been combined the Lucas 59D4 Distributor to give you the best of both worlds, maintenance free ignition with the original look of your British Distributor. Some distributors offer a 12 month warranty; this unit carries a 36 Month Warranty, this is the longest in the Business! Very simple installation, two wires, no cutting, just plugs in and go! Note: This distributor will only work for Neg. Ground Cars with A+ engines.

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Pertronix Ignitor LU144

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Pertronix Ignitor for Lucas 43D/45D distributors with "blue sliding points".


Pertronix Ignitor II 9LU147

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Pertronix Ignitor II for Lucas 45DM4 and 47DM4 distributors. Fits many Triumph and MG 4 cyl applications. MGB, Midget, TR7, Spitfire and more


Distributor Rotor Arm - Ducellier- GRA2123

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Distributor Rotor Arm for Minis with a Ducellier distributor. Part# GRA2123 or ELE3007. Search for GDC214 if you also need the cap.

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123 Distributor, A+ with vacuum advance

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123 Electronic Distributor Assembly - with selectable advance curves for A+, with vacuum advance -Special order only, email for availability