Soffer Pro x33

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Turn Signal Switch BAU5345

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BAU5345 turn signal/horn switch as fitted to 1989+ Minis. See BAU5346 for matching wiper switch.

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Chrome Switch Panel with Switches -B

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Chrome switch panel bezel with 5 new illuminated switches included. Mk3+. Pin connectors on the back. Lights, Hazard, Screen Washer (not shown), Heated Rear Window, Fog Lamps. Click on this link for a picture of the connectors


Ignition Points - Ducellier- GCS119

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Distributor points for Minis & Metros after 1980  with a Ducellier distributor. Part# GCS119

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Pertronix Ignitor LU147

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Pertronix Ignitor for Lucas 45DM4 and 47DM4 distributors. Fits many Triumph and MG 4 cyl applications. MGB, Midget, TR7, Spitfire and more

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6 Fuse Box -Replacement

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New style Fuse Box with cover. Holds 6 Blade type fuses. A modern replacement for the old unreliable glass fuse style box. Has 6 Lucar (slide on male spade) connectors on each side. Fuses are NOT included. Perfect for Classic Mini, Triumph, MG, Sprite etc.