Soffer Pro x33

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Pertronix Ignitor LU144

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Pertronix Ignitor for Lucas 43D/45D distributors with "blue sliding points".


High Performance 59D4P Pertronix Electronic Distributor 4-Cyl

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This is the most advanced distributor available for your Classic Mini A+ engine. This Complete Unit (Cap+Rotor included) has the most updated electronic ignition available. Modern Pertronix electronics have been combined with the Lucas 59D4 Distributor to give you the best of both worlds, maintenance free ignition with the original look of your British Distributor. Note: This distributor will only work for Neg. Ground Cars with A+ engines.

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Headlamp Switch - 13H6342- Mk3

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Mk3 Headlamp Switch for Classic Minis with blade type connectors. Part # 13H6342 or LU39314

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BMK1727 Early starter solenoid

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BMK1727 starter solenoid with an integral push start button built in the solenoid as originally fitted to early Minis and other British cars.


Points 23D/25D distributor

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Distributor points for 23D & 25D distributors, pre 1974. Make sure to compare your existing points as distributors can get changed over the years. Lucas part # DSB101C. See DCB101C for matching condenser. Also fits many English Fords, Lotus, Jensens, Triumphs, Sunbeams etc.