Soffer Pro x33

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123 Distributor, pre A+ with vacuum advance

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123 Electronic Distributor Assembly - with selectable advance curves for pre A+ engines, with vacuum advance -Special order only, email for availability

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Tune up kit for Minis with Lucas 59D distributor

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Ignition tune up kit for all Mini engines from about 1980 until electronic ignition was fitted in 1989. Distributor should be stamped 59D on the side and the points have a blue arm. Kit includes points ("blue points with pin"), distributor cap ,rotor, condenser, genuine NGK BP6ES spark plugs and your choice of spark plug wires. Denso W20EP-U or  E3 Diamondfire plugs are optional.


24" solenoid to inertia starter Positive cable

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Cable for solenoid to inertia starter on early minis or any other high tension use 5L925

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7" ground wire/strap

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7" ground wire from the chassis to the engine or transmission

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Pertronix Flame Thrower II Coil - Chrome

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Pertronix Flame Thrower II ignition coil. Chrome finish, 0.6ohm, 45,000 volt oil filled high performance coil. Also available in black finish.