Soffer Pro x33

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Fuel Pump Cover with gasket- Billet Alloy

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RetroSport  Billet Alloy Fuel Pump blanking plate with gasket. Silver, red, blue or black. Special order, allow 14 to 21 days for delivery.


Thermostat Housing - Black Billet Alloy

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RetroSport Black Billet Alloy Thermostat housing with gasket. Special order, allow 14 to 21 days for delivery.


GRC1184 expansion tank cap MPI/Twin Point

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At long last a screw on fitting radiator cap but it is only for the twin point injection cars from 1996 on. Actually fits the expansion tank on this model and originated from the the Mini Metro. This special cap is made to allow water /pressure to escape and should be checked periodically GRC1184

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12A312 Fan Spacer

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12A312 radiator fan spacer. 1/16" Used with most of the stock radiator fans, definitely required if you have a breather type timing cover. Mini, Sprite, Minor

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USED -Tropical Cooling Fan 2A998

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Used Item- Cooling Fan, the same fan fitted to Minis in hot climates. It could use a clean and repaint. Used fans may be silver or yellow. Original Part # 2A998-used parts are sold as is and are not returnable.