Soffer Pro x33

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Mild Steel 2" Link Pipe with silencer

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Mild Steel 2" link pipe with silencer for connecting LCB manifolds to back boxes. A little quieter than the straight through link pipe.

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Rear exhaust mount bobbin

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Rear exhust mounting bobbin. Part # GEX7251 . New lower price

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Stainless Steel Single DTM

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Stainless Steel DTM (down the middle, center exit) back box. Single 2.5" exit pipe and 2" ID input pipe. Comes with rear mounting bracket as shown in photo.


Maniflow LM004SIIR Stage 2 LCB Manifold

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Maniflow LM004S11R Stage 2 LCB (long center branch) exhaust header. "Standard bore road LCB (1-3/4"id) that has an enlarged and reshaped middle pipe which creates a type of vortex,simulating a pulsing effect similar to the outside two pipes,thus producing an improved BHP,Torque and power curve.Ideal for very hot small bore engines or high performance 1275s, and for street 1380s." C-AEG376


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LCB Manifold - Polished Stainless Steel

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Highly Polished Stainless Steel Standard Bore (1.75" out) LCB (long center branch) exhaust manifold header. Comes with "Y" pipe and 2 clamps. This is a beautiful piece, the stainless steel is polished to a chrome like finish.