Soffer Pro x33

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Door Courtesy Switch YUE100470

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Courtesy lamp switch for MPI minis from 1996 when the wiring was changed from bullet type to spade connection. This is the switch that fitted into the A post to turn the interior light on and off. YUE100470 Can replace YUE10003 with a change of wiring connector.

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Used Alternator, Mini GXE2297

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Used ADU9670 later model Mini alternator will fit all caburetted Mini models. Used parts are sold as is and are not returnable but are tested and operational before being removed.


NGK BP6ES Spark Plug

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NGK BP6ES spark plug for Classic Minis 850 to 1275cc models and many others. Wide heat range, great for street driving under all conditions. Replaces Champion N8/N9 and Bosch W6/W7. New stock.


Wiper Motor Rack Wire Cable

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Wiper Rack Wire Cable (supplied overlength for cutting to fit)


High Performance 59D4 Electronic Distributor 4-Cyl

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This is the most advanced distributor available for your Classic Mini A+ engine. This Complete Unit (Cap+Rotor included) has the most updated electronic ignition available. Modern Japanese electronics have been combined the Lucas 59D4 Distributor to give you the best of both worlds, maintenance free ignition with the original look of your British Distributor. Some distributors offer a 12 month warranty; this unit carries a 36 Month Warranty, this is the longest in the Business! Very simple installation, two wires, no cutting, just plugs in and go! Note: This distributor will only work for Neg. Ground Cars with A+ engines.