Soffer Pro x33

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MS82 RH tank fitting kit

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Complete fitting kit for RH fuel tank


Floor Pan Repair Panel -Saloon Left Rear

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High quality left rear M-Machine floor repair pan for Classic Mini Saloons

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Mini Pickup 3D Tailgate Badge Insert

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Mini Pickup tailgate badge insert in high quality 3D blown plastic. This is a new insert for your chrome boot badge or it can be affixed to the boot lid "as is" if needed.

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Wood & Picket Wheel Arch Set

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Set of 4 Wood & Picket style wheel arches. These attach from below the arch so the attachements are not visible. Includes arch to body rubber seal and instructions. Strong ABS plastic that can be painted or just left as is. About 2.5" at the widest point. New lower price.


Rear Subframe Mounting Kit MS43- 1976 & later

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Rear subframe mounting kit, no trunnions. Every nut,washer,bolt,rubber bush and 2 pins that hold the rubber bushes that are prone to rusting badly and are required every time you do a subframe change Including the 2 large penny washers this kit has 36 components. Part # MS43. Post 1976 Classic Minis.