Soffer Pro x33

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Kenlowe Electric Fan Kit

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Kenlowe Electric Cooling Fan Kit. Made specifically for the Classic Mini. Includes the electric fan and all parts needed to install. Thermostatically controlled so only comes on when needed for extra cooling. Can be used to replace the mechanical fan thus saving valuable HP or just as an auxilliary fan in hot climates. Installation instructions included. C-ARA4400. Delivery 10-15 days


Top Hose GRH1465

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Upper Radiator Hose for MPI models from 1997 and up. Genuine Rover.

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PGX10001 11mm Fan Spacer -Used

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USED-PGX10001 radiator fan spacer. 7/16" thick (11mm). Used on most Minis after 1990 upto MPI models, also used on some earlier cars with a breather type timing cover. Used parts are sold as-is


Used Standard Radiator Cooling Fan 12G2129

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Used Plastic Cooling Fan as fitted to most Classic Minis. Part 12G2129.   Good used condition, no cracks but may need a good cleaning. Used parts are sold as-is and are not returnable.

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Heater Core / Matrix 84-91 Mini

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New heater matrix / heater core for 1984-1991 Minis. 2 plastic 5/8" outlets at the same end and close together which exit the heater on the r/h side. The later HIF38 1275 and single point cars had a change point where the plastic outlets exited on the l/h. These units take 5/8" heater hose, therefore on cars pre 1989 where the pipe work is still 1/2" you will need to fit 5/8" hose pipe with a reducer MOC210 and then 1/2" hose as required.