Soffer Pro x33

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Standard Radiator Cooling Fan 12G2129

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Cooling Fan as fitted to most Classic Minis. Part 12G2129. For extra cooling power in hotter climates see "Tropical Fan". ***New fans are either yellow or white plastic***

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Kenlowe Electric Fan Kit

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Kenlowe Electric Cooling Fan Kit. Made specifically for the Classic Mini. Includes the electric fan and all parts needed to install. Thermostatically controlled so only comes on when needed for extra cooling. Can be used to replace the mechanical fan thus saving valuable HP or just as an auxilliary fan in hot climates. Installation instructions included. C-ARA4400. Delivery 10-15 days


Radiator Cap 7#

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Radiator Cap. 7 lb's short neck (standard 2.79mm overall length) for 850 Minis. Fiat 124, Jaguars, MGB, Triumph, Hillman. Part # GRC102

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88 Degree Thermostat/Gasket Kit

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Thermostat & Gasket Kit. 88C / 190F degree thermostat for Classic Minis, MG's, Triumphs, UK Fords etc. Mid range temperature part # QTH102K Hottest stock thermostat. If your car is lead free this is the one to use because the fuel needs higher temperatures to burn properly and provide best power and performance. includes thermostat and gasket set for all applications.


Lower Radiator Hose GRH1466

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This complicated hose is for the 1997+ MPI cars only. Part # GRH1466. Genuine Rover.