Soffer Pro x33

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Red Dipstick - A+ - Clearance

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CLEARANCE- Stainless steel Dipstick with red aluminum handle and double O ring seals for all A+ engines. MSA1125 - These are discounted clearance items as the Red handle is faded but they are 100% functional. Clearance items are sold "as-is" and are non returnable.


Suzuki Samurai Driveshaft spacer 1.25" - Used

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Used 1.25" driveshaft spacer with bolts for a Suzuki Samurai. Installed but never even driven on before removal.  Used parts are sold as-is and are not returnable


Blue Silicon Heater Hose 39"

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Blue Silicone heater hose for Classic Mini's, MG's Triumphs etc. 39" length, 13mm (1/2") inside diameter. Same color as the Silicon upper and lower radiator hoses. Pre 1976 Minis use 2 of these hoses. 1976+ models need one of these and one 42"meter hose.

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Silver 13x7 Ultralite Wheels & A539 Tires - Scratch & Dent

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Scratch & Dent- New set of 7x13 Ultralite Wheels with silver face and machined rim and mounted Yokohama A539 175/50R13 tires. Sold as a set of 4 including tires, center caps and chrome lugnuts. 4x4" (4x101.6mm) PCD, +10 offset. Sportspack or similar arches are suggested for these rims. Price is for 4 new wheels/tires with caps and lug nuts. These are clearance priced due to a couple of very minor scuffs on the lip from shipping. Grab a bargain. Sold as-is.

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C-ARH221 13 row Oil Cooler - Clearance

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CLEARANCE -MOCAL 13 row oil cooler-This one is deeply discounted as it has minor damage from shipping. Sold as-is, no returns.