Soffer Pro x33

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14A8337 Jacking point -LH

$6.07 -15% $6.98 | Stock Qty = 2

LH Jacking point bracket repair (in the sill/rocker panel)-

Picture shows a panel on the RH side that is not a part of the part itself 

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Hinge Repair Kit KMM170 - Van

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Repair kit for Van & Traveller rear door hinges. One required per hinge. Part# KMM170

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Left Lower Windshield Repair Panel

$35.70 -15% $41.06 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

Left side repair panel for the section below the windshield. These panels are a common rust spot and due to their shape replacing may be a lot cheaper than repair. This is the left half of the lower surround panel only.

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Left Side Front Wing (fender) no side marker lamp

$89.45 -15% $102.87 | Stock Qty = Sold Out !!!

Replacement left front wing/fender for Minis with no side marker lights (pre 1988).


Mk1 rear lamp conversion plate -LH

$40.00 -15% $46.00 | Stock Qty = 3

Conversion Plate - rear lamp LH (allows fitment of Mk1 rear lamp to later models)